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Wuxi Lanhong Vacuum Contactors used on Xinli (Renshou County) 5th generation TFT-LCD...

Wuxi Lanhong provides localized vacuum contactor solutions for the 5th generation TFT-LCD project of Xinli (Renshou County), and combines a full range of upgraded environmental protection components to create green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly electrical devices to optimize service quality. The safety of electricity consumption is further improved, as well as the efficiency is optimized.
According to the website of Renshou County Government Office: Xinli (Renshou) 5th generation TFT-LCD high-end car and smart terminal display project is currently the world's largest production capacity of the 5th generation TFT-LCD car display production line. Product applications include vehicle display, industrial control medical, smart home appliances, smart office, etc. When the project is put into production, it can realize an annual output value of 12.9 billion yuan with an annual tax of 760 million yuan, and provide 5,000 jobs.

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